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Testimonials for Attorney Lynn Gorelick

A California DUI Client Gets Not Guilty Verdicts and Saved License At DMV Hearing

"I thought I was wrongly accused of Driving Under the Influence. It affected me and my family's life in a tremendous way. I interviewed four lawyers in search of that special person who could help me in my unique situation. From the moment I met Lynn Gorelick, I knew she was the one for me. Her confidence in my case gave me hope where I thought there was none. Lynn put a very solid case and defended me at my DMV hearing which we won and saved me from losing my driver's license. I was still very worried in the approaching days to our court appearance for my DUI. During my Jury Trial, her command of the courtroom was incredible. She always knew just how to much emphasis to put on certain subjects without ever going overboard or offending the jury. She knows every detail of the law and of the responsibility of police officers during the course of action. She is so smart and seems to feel her way through the case, bending and yielding to every action that occurs in the courtroom to benefit her client's best interests. My case was dismissed with Not Guilty Verdicts from the jury. She is one tough cookie and really knows her way around the courtroom and gets the job done in her very unique and skillful way. Her closing argument was incredible. She worked extremely long hours, foregoing her own family life to give my case special attention. I will be forever grateful for her hard work and dedication and would recommend her services for anyone in need of a great lawyer during very trying times within your life. If she says she can help you, then she most likely can."

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