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Walnut Creek DUI Defense Attorney

Have you been arrested for drunk driving or other DUI in Walnut Creek?  If so, you should contact a Walnut Creek DUI defense lawyer at the Gorelick Law Offices immediately.  A conviction for a DUI in the state of California has very severe penalties and punishments including up to $1000 or more in fines, driver’s license revocation or suspension, mandatory jail time, long probation periods, required enrolment in an alcohol or drug abuse program, etc.  If there were injuries or a death as a result of a DUI involving a car accident, or if you have prior DUIs, you could face felony charges.  Make sure you have the help you need in this very serious situation.

Lynn Gorelick, a Walnut Creek DUI attorney at our firm has over 30 years experience representing clients who find themselves in a number of DUI or criminal law circumstances. She is dedicated to getting the best results possible for each and every client she takes on.  She is passionate about defending the client’s rights and does so aggressively with her extensive knowledge of DUI law process and procedure. A client can count on us for everything from the administrative DMV hearing where an attorney can help prevent a driver’s license suspension to any necessary court action to prevent a conviction resulting in harsh DUI penalties .   A lawyer at the firm is well versed in all aspects of field sobriety tests such as the one leg stand, horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn and breathalyzer tests.  If you have any questions about breath or blood tests done to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), give us a call.

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We offer a free initial consultation to people accused of DUI in the Bay Area. Call us at 510-785-1444 to schedule yours.

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We are accessible and want to make getting high quality representation in your case as stress-free and affordable as possible.